Structure Query Language :- SQL is a language. It is provides an interface to relational database system. SQL was developed by IBM in 1970 used to store and manage data in relational database management system. SQL also used to preform all types of operation likes, Inserting, Updating, Deleting, Creating and Modifying tables.

Processing capabilities of SQL :- SQL has a several commands for data processing. It is used for in following purposes.

  • Creating, Deleting and modifying table structure.
  • Defining a relationship between two or more table.
  • Inserting data into the table.
  • Updating data.
  • Controlling a database.

Types of SQL

Interactive :- This type of SQL is used to operate directly in the database to produce output for our purposes. In this form of SQL, we enter the commands and execute it.

Embedded :- This type of SQL is consists of SQL commands put inside programs that are mostly written in high-level-language (such as c or c++). The method make the program more powerful and efficient.